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Real Collegio Esterno
Real Collegio Chiostro

The REAL COLLEGIO OF LUCCA is a monument destined to exhibition grounds opened to events of cultural nature , fairs , exhibitions , exhibitions at national and international character.

The structure consists of : the ground floor , consisting of two large halls , rooms of different size and with a reception input ; all this around three cloisters covered and the prospects of great charm , especially during the summer , even for prospicenza with the Church of San Frediano.

The first floor , which is accessed via two staircases and an elevator , consists of different sized rooms , wide corridors and a Conference Hall which contains 250 seats.

The structure is provided by a wired system 30 of fixed telephone lines , in addition to a wireless system for the entire area of the structure , in addition to being equipped with the most modern equipment video / audio and data link.

Hotels In Lucca

Tucci Lucca

Palazzo Tucci

Distance from Real Collegio: 210 m
Category: *****


Casa Paolina

Distance from Real Collegio: 600 m
Category: ****

Alexander Lucca

Palazzo Alexander

Distance from Real Collegio: 600 m
Category: ****

Celide Lucca

Albergo Celide

Distance from Real Collegio: 1,6 km
Category: ****