@ForumLucca #gabrieleelia @TIMnewsroom traffico +++aumento #5G le specifiche e reti #slicing #MEC il futuro è vicino grossi investimenti x #Europa @5GPPP @ViolaRoberto @5GIEEE @5GCity @digitalsat_it @Cor_Com @Digital_Day @PanoramaAV @colorize_media @monitortv @DSMeu @ansaeuropa

@ForumLucca pannel with @EutelsatItalia @ericsson @llnw @ateme_tweets challenging on delivering video @digitalsat_it @Cor_Com @PanoramaAV @tivu_sat @monitortv @colorize_media @telcoprofession @telconews

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Valerio Frascolla is presenting limitations and issues of 5G deployment from standards and regulatory point of view @5GCity @EuCNC @5GPPP #EUCNC2018 #5G

A follow-up action here from the #VIS5G workshop at #eucnc2018
Favourable regulatory environment is key to successful #5G deployments in Europe https://t.co/ppO9TL9KZF

#Michelozzi @ComunicareDigit moderates @EuCNC pannel @EBU_HQ #5G an opportunity; investment needed be available to all. #AdamKapovits @Eurescom we are focusing on tech part. @DirkTrotteyn @InterDigitalCom question is net capability #KumarendaSivarajah @Avanti_plc solut #multicast

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Tomorrow, I am presenting ICT-17 @5genesis_h2020 at EUCNC (Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 16:30-18:00, Linhart hall) @5genesis_h2020
@EUChina_IoT5G @NEM_Initiative @infolysis_gr @ORCA_Project_ @ONE_5G @ICT_FLAME @ONE_5G @5GPPP @5GPPP_SELFNET @5Gtango @5GPPP5GMEDIA @5GCity

@MShuaibSiddiqui explains the project goals and unique models in @EuCNC @5GPPP @EU_Commission @5GPPP5GMEDIA @mariaritaspada @NinoAlbanese @luvignaroli @cellnextelecom @LucaFalsiroli

So say all of us.
Thanks to all the participating projects and external experts.
@5Gxcast @5GPPP5GMEDIA @5GCity @5GIoRL @SaT5G_Project @ICT_FLAME @Clear5G @5GPPP_NRG5 @H2020_5GCAR & MORE https://t.co/1Q0St29dyF

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